About us

Welcome to Farmbase - we believe things don't need to be complicated.

In recent years, the New Zealand rural sector has become more complex through increased regulations and changing environmental expectations.

The idea of Farmbase came from our founders, who had both worked at councils, and kept hearing three common problems.

  • Rules - Farmers and rural professionals were ringing up to ask about rules. Which rules do they need to know about before commencing work? Which national regulations do they need to know about?
  • Who can help me? - Farmers and rural professionals were asking who they could use to complete work on farm. But councils are unable to make recommendations, as they have to remain impartial.
  • Communication - Regional councils were constantly thinking of how to get information about rules, plan changes and compliance information in front of farmers in a meaningful way, and ideally at the point of decision making.

Founders, Carly and Elena, realized there had to be a better way.

Farmbase was created to take away some of that complexity by pulling together everything you need to know, alongside who can help you.

All in one easy to use and accessible website – farmbase.co.nz.

Meet the Team

Farmbase is run by two Managing Directors based in Christchurch, New Zealand.


Elena is an animal loving, highly experienced project manager. With a sister who works in rural mental health, she is committed to making sure our rural industry is well supported.


Carly is a strategic problem solver. With two young boys, she is used to getting stuck in and always looking for ways to make life simpler for herself and others.

If you need to get in touch with us, use our Contact Us form or email info@farmbase.co.nz