2 Minutes with Abagael Higgs from Woolshed Marketing NZ

This week Farmbase spent 2 weeks with Abagael Higgs from Woolshed Marketing NZ who shared the importance and value of marketing in 2022.

1. What can you help people with/what do you do?

Woolshed Marketing is a strategic agri marketing specialist with real-world experience across the rural sector. We use tried and tested marketing strategies to ensure farm/agri businesses’ content is relevant and hitting the mark. The old method of "spraying & praying" can be costly. We will provide an integrated marketing strategy that will best connect you with your chosen rural market. This includes anything from website copy, social media management, strategy, market research, print media, through to digital written content and copywriting.

2. What's your company's story? Why did you set up and when? What’s different/innovative about what you do?

Across the agri-sector, we as a whole are increasingly time-starved and frustrated by the divide between urban professionals' assumptions and rural know-how. Searching for informed, reliable, no-nonsense, and knowledgeable partners that will give you the information you need to get ahead in your increasingly complex markets is vital.

Sadly, within the marketing industry there is a real lack of understanding of the rural and agri markets. Woolshed was created in mid-2020 to give farms and agribusinesses the marketing skills and strategies that make sense to them. Having worked on farms we get what drives farms and agribusinesses - plus the challenges they face too. Woolshed focuses on making agribusiness marketing simple. We filter out the noise in the market and provide you with the insights and knowledge to help you make informed agri-communication decisions. In the agri-market, staying ahead is critical; we share leading-edge and reliable knowledge and information that puts your business ahead of the rest.

3. Why is marketing important? What extra value can it bring?

Marketing is important because it allows you and your company to share your products and services with your potential customer strategically. Without effective marketing your business doesn’t have a voice - your company becomes like an island - it retains no meaningful connection to its customers. When a company loses its audience and connection, eventually it ceases to exist. Agri-marketing acts like a bridge - it builds a sense of trust among potential customers, keeping your products and services relevant.

4. Your focus for 2022?

Our focus for 2022 is to make marketing more accessible to farming and agribusinesses’, particularly smaller family-owned operations. Improving the bottom line is a priority for these businesses, so we have made it our priority to help these businesses achieve that.

Big opportunities I see for 2022 (all going to plan and if Covid doesn’t throw another curve ball our way), is our borders opening and the world slowly opening up again - this will hopefully bring some much needed tourism and spending into the country.

For agribusinesses the world opening up will increase the need for high value exports to overseas markets. Agri-marketing will be key to leverage these opportunities and boost sales. Big challenges I see for 2022 are labour shortages and inflation. Rising prices and difficulty attracting staff into the agri industry emphasise the importance and value of agri-marketing all the more. Effective communication is going to be vital to face these challenges successfully

5. Where are you/what are you doing when you're not working?

We are based in North Canterbury, in between Rangiora and Woodend. When I am not working (Abagael - The Founder of Woolshed Marketing), I enjoy volunteering for the rural community, particularly A&P shows and dairy and beef breed clubs. As a qualified dairy goat judge I enjoy travelling across the country judging. My other interests include mountain biking, hiking, baking, and travelling.

6. How do people get in touch and find out more?

Get in touch with us today to turn your marketing challenges into opportunities. We provide free consultation calls and quotes. Email: woolshednz@gmail.com or give us a bell on 027 571 6262.