2 Minutes with Jono Scott from Drone Spray

This week Farmbase spent 2 minutes with Jono Scott from Drone Spray who shared with us how Drones are changing the ag sector.


1. What can you help people with?

We offer weed spraying, crop spraying, seeding and roof cleaning in the larger Canterbury area. Drones are perfect for hilly areas, avoiding crop damage and for getting above roofs that are hard to walk on.

2.     What's your company's story? Why did you set up and when? 

I started Drone Spray in 2021 as I can see good future potential for drones in the agriculture space. There were a lot of certifications and training to work through but we finally got up and in the air early in 2022. I have a background in IT and sheep/beef farming so it is a good application for my previous experience. I love getting out there and testing new applications and seeing what our drones are capable of.

3.     How are Drones changing the ag sector?

Drones run on batteries so we are not dependent on the fuel price which is a huge bonus as prices increase and also means we are more environmentally friendly than traditional methods. We also use less chemical which is rapidly raising in price. Our drones are able to be pre-programmed and fly automatically. This allows for very good accuracy and an even spread across the target. Being able to effectively spot spray means we can stay on top of weeds before they become a problem.

4.     Your focus for the remainder of 2022? 

We are pushing the boundaries on some larger jobs including crop spraying and broadacre gorse/broom spraying. We have put an order in for a second spray drone that we will be able to run in a swarm operation that will increase our efficiency so this is exciting for us.

5.     Where are you/what are you doing when you're not working?

I have three young kids so they keep me pretty busy. I'm a bit of a serial hobbyist so usually have something on the go. This is my first season not playing rugby and I have taken up disc golf. I had my first tournament over Matariki weekend which went well. I also love to get out on the hills hunting or taking the boat out fishing when I get the chance.

6.     How do people get in touch and find out more?

Our full list of services and a few videos of our drones in action can be found on our website dronespray.nz. I am also happy to do demos and even trials of work we haven't done before. You can call me on 0212878737 or email me on jono@dronespray.nz