Privacy policy

At Farmbase, we value your privacy. Below you will find our latest Privacy Policy, updated 30 June 2020.

Privacy Policy

This policy is about the way we look after your personal information.  We want to make sure we comply with the Privacy Act 1993.


1. Collection

Farmbase Limited is a company aiming to help connect agricultural service providers and customers.  Its purposes are:

  1. To enable customers to search a service provider directory and regulatory information database.
  2. To provide an independent, free and transparent gateway between customers and service providers.
  3. To link customers to service providers within the agricultural industry.
  4. To promote wellbeing and mental health awareness within the agricultural sector.

2. Type of Information Collected

There are three types of users of the Farmbase Website:

  1. Guest User: A Guest User can access the search tool on the site which accesses the service provider directory and regulatory information without providing any personal information. Access to this search tool is completely open and free to use for any Guest User. If a Guest User chooses to contact a Service Provider through the Farmbase Website, the Guest User will be asked for their name, email address and phone number. Any requests made by Guest Users to Service Providers may also prompt the Guest User to provide further information including a detailed description of the work the Guest User is seeking, a photo or attachment. This information will be provided to  the Service Provider chosen by the Guest User.
  2. Registered Users: Registered Users complete the registration form on the Farmbase Website, which will capture their name, email and phone number. The Registered User may also choose to include a description of the work they want completed by a Service Provider, attach a photo or other attachment. The personal information of the Registered User is retained by the site and pre-populated each time a Registered User makes a request or contacts a Service Provider using the Farmbase Website.
  3. Service Provider: A Service Provider can register their business on the Farmbase Website, using their contact information, including their name, email and phone number.  Once registered, a Service Provider can choose to purchase ‘a public profile’ which means that they can be found in the search results of any User of the website. To purchase, their information goes through the Chargebee plug in on the Farmbase Website, and payment is taken by Stripe. Once a public profile is purchased the Service Provider can then populate their public profile with the following information:
    • Name
    • Email
    • Primary & Secondary phone number
    • Services they offer and regions that they offer that in
    • A profile image
    • A blurb about themselves
    • Qualification
    • Accreditations & Date accredited.

This information is then publicly available and it the Service Provider’s responsibility to ensure that the information on their profile on the Farmbase Website is keep up to date.

We will only collect personal information from you for the above mentioned purposes and functions. 

You have a right to request access and to request correction of your personal information.

We will collect information from you in a fair manner.

3. Farmbase’s functions 

  1. Registration of Service Providers, which will include the collection of name, email, phone number(s), a description of the service offered and regions the services are offered in, a profile image, profile description about the services provided, qualifications and a note and date of any accreditations.
  2. Registration of customers (Registered Users), which includes the collection of name, email, and phone number.
  3. Search functions for customers seeking specific service providers (Guest Users).
  4. Connecting Customers with Service Providers. If Customers contact service providers, their name, email and phone number will be collected.
  5. Marketing.
  6. Payment by Customers direct to Service Providers using third party managed payment system, Chargebee and Stripe. Please refer to their Terms and Conditions on use and Privacy Policies.
  7. Customer’s independent and transparent review of service providers.
  8. Promotion of wellbeing and mental health services in the Agricultural sector.

4. Cookies

  1. Farmbase’s website uses cookies for the purpose of analyse the website usage and to improve the user experience. Cookies only record the information you input into the Farmbase website, and may include your name, email address and your preferred settings. Any personal
  2. You may choose to control or remove cookies through the settings in your web browser. However, please note that, if you choose to disable all cookies, this may affect your ability to use some features on our website.

5. Storage and Security of Personal Information

We will take reasonable steps:

  1. to protect personal information from loss, unauthorised access, use, modification and disclosure
  2. to ensure that prior to use, personal information is complete, relevant and not misleading. It is up to the registered users and service providers to ensure that their information is kept up to date and accurate. This can be managed through the ‘update my details’ tab on the Farmbase Website or by contacting
  3. Furthermore, we keep personal information on server providers Google Cloud ( and Pantheon ( or in a secure physical location.  Personal information is accessed only by authorised staff. 
  4. If you are Guest User or Registered User, we do not send out your personal information to third parties unless you request it is sent to you or to a person who is allowed to receive the information. If you are a Service Provider, you can choose to allow your information to be publically available on the Farmbase Website, however when a Service Provider uses the Chargebee and Stripe functions for payment purposes, we do not share the Service Provider’s payment of account details with any other party other than with Chargebee and Stripe to enable the payment to be made.
  5. It is unacceptable for any of us to intentionally breach the Privacy Act, read or copy personal information when unauthorised to do so, or use personal information for a purpose other than Farmbase purposes and functions without consent.
  6. If we have a security breach, we will follow the Privacy Commissioner’s guidelines.

6. Access to and Correction of Personal Information by you

You or your authorised agent (in writing) may ask us whether personal information is held about you and have access to such information if it exists subject to the exceptions contained in the Privacy Act. Access is not limited to “the file” and may include diary notes and/or other material in separate files. In these circumstances we will:

  1. Check your identity,
  2. Provide assistance to you if necessary,
  3. Transfer the request if personal information is not held by us and we are aware of another agency holding your personal information,
  4. Identify if personal information is held and identify if any personal information is to be withheld pursuant to sections 27-29 of the Privacy Act,
  5. Respond to your request as soon as practicably but no later than 20 working days after the request is made (unless it is necessary to seek an extension),
  6. Provide information in the way asked by you unless to do so would impair efficient administration. This can include providing an opportunity to inspect a file (under supervision to protect the integrity of the file and to provide explanations if necessary), providing you with a copy of any document, furnishing oral information about a file’s contents and giving a summary of the contents,
  7. If the request for access is declined, we will explain why the request is declined and advise you of your right to complain to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.
  8. Furthermore, if you say that information held is incorrect (and we agree) or a staff member is aware that incorrect information is held, we will take all practicable steps to have the file corrected immediately with any change noted carefully to ensure that an adequate audit trail of changes exists.   
  9. If we do not agree with a request for correction, then you will be given an opportunity to have a statement of correction held with the information. The information and correction will be held in such a way so that anyone accessing the file will see both the information and the correction.

7. Retention and Disposal of Personal Information 

We do not keep personal information for longer than is necessary without consent from you, unless required by law. If your personal information is to be destroyed then documents will be destroyed in a confidential and secure manner; and with expert assistance if disposing of computer based material.

8. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

We do not disclose personal information to third parties except that we may do so in the following circumstances:

  1. it is for one of our purposes;
  2. you have agreed to supply the information to a third party;
  3. it is required for payment of fees using Chargebee and Stripe;
  4. the situation is covered by one of the exceptions set out in the Privacy Act;
  5. if there is another legal requirement to release the information.
  6. Furthermore, we use electronic images for our newsletters and/or website if the image is taken in a public area or with the consent of the person/s in the image.
  7. We do not give personal information out over the phone or send out personal information by email/post unless we are reasonably satisfied that the receiver is a person to whom personal information may be disclosed.
  8. We will ensure any complaints or disciplinary processes will also include a consideration of privacy.  This may mean that a complainant may not know of action taken against another person (if any) as a result of an investigation into a complaint. 
  9. If we receive an enquiry from the Police, process servers, bailiffs or other Government Officials then the request will be managed by our privacy officer or their delegate.

9. Privacy Officer

If you wish to contact our privacy officers, please email Carly or Elena at